Sunday, 5 Apr 2020

The Idea for Football Game Battles

Recently, possession of the ball even affects how fans and experts relate to the team. Tiki-taka from Barcelona has led to a high percentage of ownership becoming an ideal. Few people want to watch the victories when the club owns the ball 35-40% per match. Fans, journalists and club management, demand not just a result, but also a spectacular game, which is impossible if the players do not have the ball. Even offices are inclined to believe that a team that holds the ball longer is a favorite in a match with an opponent who prefers playing on counterattacks. With the 해외축구중계 broadcast you will get a full view of the same.

The importance of owning the ball 

The one who takes the ball longer does not always win. Just recall Greece, which unexpectedly even became a triumph for Euro 2004. In the decisive match, the Portuguese had 58% possession of the ball, the Greeks respectively 42, but this did not stop them from winning 1-0. In 2010, in the Champions League final, Inter beat Bavaria 2-0, owning the ball 34%. And in the 1/2 final of the Champions League, Chelsea beat Barcelona 1-0. The Catalans completely outplayed the “aristocrats” in possession of the ball 73% by 27%. At Euro 2019 in the group stage, Wales owned the ball less than 50%, and Iceland – about 37%. Despite this, the first played in the 1/2 finals, and the second finished the performance at the 1/4 final stage. 

  • There are many such examples. Not always the percentage of possession of the ball is a determining factor in success. There are teams that play on the counterattack. It doesn’t matter to them how often they will have the ball. 
  • The main thing is to competently defend and create several dangerous moments. Another thing is when rivals who prefer attacking football converge. In such a match, a low% of possession of one of the parties after the first 45 minutes indicates that the team is inferior in the selection of artists, or it was not imposed on its game. Not all attacking teams are able to instantly modify the tactics and manner of the game. 
  • Be sure to consider how and where the ball is controlled. For example, Barcelona holds the ball in the alien half, and the conditional in its own. In the first case, control will often result in a goal scored than in the second. There are also other points that affect the possession of the ball. For example, in the composition of low players lose the fight on the second floor. 
  • Because of this, the team tries not to make crossings in the penalty area, but creates moments through a short and medium pass, so possession of the ball exceeds 50%. Problems with ball control will be in teams with poor physical fitness. 

The Best Possessions

Possession takes a lot of energy, so with a busy schedule, the coach prefers a counterattack game. Summary Consider ball ownership when analyzing events, but do not overestimate its role. There are attacking teams with good results, as well as defense teams. When betting on yellow cards and corner, the percentage of ownership is the main parameter in the analysis. We examined the importance of possession of the ball in football. Read about how to analyze this indicator and make bets on the percentage of ownership.


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