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Safest Options for the Perfect Playground


Then there is the possibility of buying a building plot, so you can build the lease that will host the playground, according to your project. Obviously it is essential to make sure that it is a building plot, otherwise you would risk buying land that cannot accommodate the structure because it does not meet the requirements. Once the land has been purchased, it will be necessary to go to the Municipality to which the site belongs and request the concession for the construction of the covered playground.

Once the project has been carried out and the play area is located, it will be necessary to form a work team with: architects, construction companies, landscape architects and project managers who will be entrusted with the construction of the playground. For the 안전놀이터 you can now go for the best deal.

Investment And Gain

The initial investment to open a covered playground is around $ 14,000 to $ 25,000, depending on the type of venue and the equipment chosen. In fact it is a question of merchandise that remains in the buyer’s possession, so the business risk is very low. You will also need to open a VAT number and have your own accountant to take care of the accounting, tax and social security aspects of your business.

Even the attractions that you choose to host inside the playground have an incisive weight on the initial investment. Surely at the beginning you can opt for the purchase of a dozen attractions, among which you cannot miss the elastic carpets and some inflatable, among the most loved games by children. Then later if the entrepreneurial activity turns out to be productive, with important gains, it will be possible to add other attractions, perhaps thinking of diversifying them according to age and expanding one’s target.

And what about the profit ? To tell the truth, this type of activity, if opened following some tricks and with a good marketing work, ensures considerable gains. It is estimated that in a structure with at least three party halls, in the first year of activity the earnings can be around 60,000 euros to 90,000 euros.

Do You Want To Take Off Your Activity?

The Necessary Permits To Open A Covered Playground

We come to the bureaucratic part: permits to open a covered playground. Like any activity you want to undertake, you need some licenses, permits and inspections. Specifically, first of all it will be necessary to obtain permission from the Municipality of belonging for the opening of the playground. Subsequently the ASL will carry out an inspection of the premises to declare it in accordance with the law and finally it will be necessary to obtain the license for the ‘Traveling show’.

The latter is indispensable even if the place is in fact a building, because it is a license that is issued to those who intend to carry out the activity of attractions and to those who manage one of the attractions on the specially issued list. The traveling entertainment category includes: inflatables, playgrounds (modular and generally soft structures, also suitable for children) and trampolines.

Regarding the registration to the municipality, it is possible to register one’s own activity such as: game room, baby parking, playground or party room. All follow the same discipline but it is advisable to register the activity as a party room, because the bureaucratic procedure is much less complex.


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