Sunday, 5 Apr 2020

Finer Points of Internet Database Security

Internet Day is celebrated, a date that seeks to promote and bring the information society closer to all citizens. From the platform they point out that “this day allows us to focus on the need to boost Internet access worldwide for all citizens and reduce the digital divide that still exists in many countries and societies. Only in this way can we benefit globally from the advantages of this tool that has changed the world. ”


Internet Day allows us to highlight the countless advantages that this communication channel offers us, which has become the most relevant of our century. Its functionality, benefits and new technological advances will be present in the events that are organized throughout the day. But the Internet not only has advantages but also risks. And, therefore, since the company, they have decided to join this day by collecting five tips to fight against misinformation and navigate more securely through the network:

On Internet Day, the company offers five tips to fight against misinformation and surf more securely on the web. For that you can make use of the 먹튀디비 now.

Block cookies

Cookies are the files that the websites collect about our activity in them and, also, the personal information that browsers store when we access the pages we visit and that follow our movements, remember the data of sessions that we open, etc. To protect our privacy and improve our security, from the company, they recommend using browsers that block these cookies automatically. Another option is to access the Internet through browsers that delete the information as soon as we close the window, such as Frost.

Use extensions in your browsers. The extensions allow you to add features to browsers; So, to improve our security, we can install extensions that block default pages or words permanently. In this way we can control the pages we access and prevent screens from opening automatically. Two extensions of this type would be WOT or Privacy Browser.

Install an application that blocks advertising. If we access the Internet through our smartphones, we can download an application that allows us to block ads in other applications. In any case, it depends on the browser and the operating system that we are using so, as a solution, we can use a browser that already comes with the included blocking option such as Opera.

Use an antivirus

Many users browse without antivirus, which poses a serious security risk as they are more exposed to information theft or attacks. Given this, it is best to use an antivirus that continuously monitors and checks our system and activity to avoid dangerous content. In the case of smartphones, although antivirus will never be as powerful as those of a computer and some manufacturers say that it is not needed, the reality is that they are just as necessary because when mobile phones connect to a computer that is infected, the mobile is also at risk of becoming infected.

Use a secure network connection. The security of our network is key to protect us. In these cases it is convenient to check the password of our router, if we navigate from home, and modify it if necessary to increase security. In the event that we use the Internet away from home, we must use secure networks and avoid public and open networks since anyone with minimal knowledge could access our personal information.

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