Sunday, 5 Apr 2020

Better Your Personal Trainer Business by Earning a Core Conditioning Certification

If you are a fitness instructor or a personal trainer, you might be considering having other fitness information that you can teach to your clients. The more certifications, the better and faster your business will grow. A good fitness business idea is to have as much training as possible in order to offer and attract more clients.

NESTA training

Gaining more knowledge and certification is all part of the personal trainer continuing education that is offered at many NESTA certified training centers. One that you might consider adding to your expertise is earning your core conditioning certification

Reduce injuries

Many personal trainers or coaches in sports development with any type of exercise program for their clients need to ensure clients have a strong functional core foundation. This reduces and can eliminate any chance of injury while doing any type of exercise. Core training for athletes is advantageous in keeping them injury-free.

Core training

A core that is strong is vital for transferring power from the upper to the lower body and the lower to the upper body during almost all physical activities or sports. A core that is weak and a client, who doesn’t understand how core function can affect movement and sports performance, can have diminished results as well as many more injuries. When a trainer has earned this certification, they are better able to gauge a client’s needs relating to the core and can then properly design a more effective exercise program for each client. 

Teaching a client

When a coach or personal trainer is working with a client after having earned a certification in core training, the trainer can then effectively: 

  • Teach a client how to better use trunk muscles.
  • Teach how to control the position of the lumbar spine.
  • Teach movements using the deep trunk muscles

This will all lead to a client’s satisfaction with overall results and will quickly lead to business growth for the trainer. Satisfied clients lead to more referrals. 


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